Thursday, March 25, 2010


;)  slalu plak aku update bel0g skang neh!~  xdela, bkn pe...juz t0 express my feelings.  klu byk feel2 yg aku rs, byk la yg aku p0st up here...  i'm havin difficulties t0 express my feelings to pe0ple out there, so t0 release a lil' burden of my heart i cho0se to share it here. 

fr0m last week lg aku da rs x sr0n0k n sumthing wr0ng s0mewhere wit s0meone tht used t0 b very2 kind t0 me.  i d0n't kno y but i can feel tht i've been neglecting so suddenly.  gh0sh, i really d0n't like this!~  im n0t sure wut went wr0ng, but i guess tht guy is givin' up wit me after i rejected him.  maybe? (haha...prasan bagus aku neh)  it's hard 4 me 2 deal wit this kind of thing...wut a mess!  or is it juz my feelings???  hmm...d0no wut 2 do, juz let him be...............

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