Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday w0rked til late nite...only by 11pm i could reach h0me!~ very tiring n 2day gotta work as usual.  im juz h0pin 2day we all d0n hav 2 stay after w0rkin h0urs plan? g0in 2 gym n do s0me work out.  since last week i juz made it once (it supp0se 2 b 3 days a week), so this week, i'm g0nna repay!  i d0n wanna lose the stamina tht i've gained.  furtherm0re, last week i ate 2 much which makes me really2 w0rry!~ bekfes mkn berat, lunch - nasi, dinner pn nasi gak!~ o0oo damn.  xleh biar keadaan neh....hahhaa... i da la tembun, bertambah2 tembun la nti!  the fact that being fat is t0o hard 4 me....i've started goin 2 gym ab0ut a m0nth n0w, n i think im feelin' gud (but im n0t Lo0kin gud yet...) well, it's okay then, even i dun reduce my weight, at least i gained the stamina.  is better than nothin rite? hmm.....b0s, let me go 2day yeh??? puh leeezzz....................

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