Wednesday, March 17, 2010


2day am g0in beck 2 ma h0met0wn afta w0rk juz by bus.  will b sendin to da buz station by my p0kcek bus0ok!~ (heee..i loikkkeee) then again the next day will b startin our family official trip to Klantan....d0wh...wut a l0ng distance i'll b g0in thru!! arghhhhhhh. juz h0pin everthing will b d0in fine....very l0ng time haven't go there.  can't imagine anything ab0ut klantan...but i wish i can hav s0me sh0ppin spree a.k.a retail therapy...huhue. n0w, very n0t in the m0od 2 do my w0rk...!!!!  everything is taken awayyyyyyyyyyyy. am n0t here!

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