Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Sale!

So...just a quick update after a very long time.  i wanna sell this item.  

brand : Sembonia
colour : yellow
size : 37 @ 6
price : RM180.00 (normal price at their outlet, definitely higher than what i give u all here)
condition : tip top! (i wore it once only)

reason for selling this? tersalah beli size.  sedih tau nak jual ni... =(  so, anyone interested? just email me... or for frens yg sudi baca belog i ni, n those yg tau my contact number u can just give me a call or text me ya!  oh ye, the shoe's box will be included with the paper bag sekali...mcm beli baru kat outlet dia tu la.... that's all, tenkiu!~

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