Tuesday, August 17, 2010

near to 'death'

as the above mentioned. am searching for survival right now. cannot state here what is that i'm facing, but it's kinda serious and i'm all alone. i'm praying for something good happen to me and i wish i could settle this without burdening anybody. Allah, please guide me. i will try whatever it may takes. i believe if i were really sincere in my doings, there are always be ways for me. You're the only one that i believed in, so that i will always remember, no matter how bad the path that i'm walking on i'll always can count on You. i will always be grateful for whatever You gave me wether it's good nor bad. and i will always believe there are something behind all those things that i have to understand and learn though it hurt me so badly. therefore, i'm begging You for strength to stand still and survive till the end!~

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