Monday, November 16, 2009

First Move!

Hi to everyone!

Me, myself completely have no idea why i started this blog. but then, here i am, writing this post in MY blog! As what i know bout myself by my own judging, i am the person who's not gonna concern bout what happens around me. i will always be the last to know bout the story mory morning da glory....wut my frens talk about, wut they're into now, n even i don really catch-up bout this IT technology nowadays. E.g: downloading the songs, beautifuls wallpapers in internet, all those fancy things.....hehe. it sounds bad, n i hate it too. but, i'd like to learn because i dont want to be a step behind while others is stepssssss ahead! so, i learn bout this blogger thing from a fren! Credit to Farrah.she asked me to do so. haha. if not then, i would still do wut i do, stay at my place in da office, only checkin' my email n my facebook n my tagged n my friendster! haha. think i have to be much much more creative stuff to do after this....and it will be startin from this blog, AsSimpleAsMe!

Enuff for now.......daaaaaaa

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